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Status Go – “What’s Next | Reimagining Work” with Chris Byers

Now what? What’s next? Where do we go from here? If you have not asked those questions yourself this year, you’ve been asked those questions…dozens of times. As a technology leader, do you have answers? Have you taken the time to reimagine your world of work? Work was changing long before the events of this […]


Status Go – “Race in Tech | Adapting to Change & Transformation” with Dwayne Carter

Status Go – Episode 88 Guest, Dwyane Carter’s, passion is transformation. Transformation of government Medicaid related agencies. His background in marketing, technical architecture, and consulting provides Dwayne with a skillset uniquely qualified to address the change needed to transform these agencies.  The biggest hurdle he has to face is fear, fear of change, fear of […]


Leadership Q&A: How do I stay focused on my dream job?

“I know what I am passionate about, I know what I love doing. I get excited and focused. Then I struggle. I lose focus. It’s hard when you can’t seem to find the job you are looking for. How do you stay focused and energized as your search drags on?” I could hear the urgency […]


A Culture Plan – Are you planning to fail?

It has been said “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” I have spent my career building plans, executing plans, leading teams to develop and execute plans: project plans, IT strategic plans, business strategic plans, and others. Never have I written, never have I seen, a culture plan, much less a strategic culture plan.  In […]



“Gampaw, can I have a cookie?” The eyes said it all. Those big twinkling eyes. How could I possibly say no? I looked down and met his gaze. His face aglow with anticipation.  “You need to ask your Grandma,” I replied with a twinkle of my own.  With that my four-year-old grandson, Jordan, scampered down […]


Status Go – “The Shifting Healthcare Model” with Curt Kwak

Status Go – Episode 87 Being a CIO in healthcare, in Seattle, meant being at the epicenter of the first breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic. For Curt Kwak, CIO of Proliance Surgeons, this meant ensuring his team provided the best support possible in the face of uncertainly in the community around them. He and his […]


Status Go – “Kari’s Law” with Otto Sanchez

Status Go – Episode 86 It is not often CIOs are faced with life or death decisions. However, decisions about something as benign as your phone system can have life-threatening impacts. In 2013, Kari Hunt was being attacked by her estranged husband. Her daughter tried to call 911 four times, not knowing she had to […]