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The Best Pandemic Ever – Virtual Insights with Jeff Ton

Hosts Jared Nichols and Paul Toolan have created an irreverent, hysterically funny, and very insightful podcast about life in 2020, life in dealing with the pandemic. The Best Pandemic Ever looks at life beyond what you may be seeing in the media. They talk to real people about their real experiences, away from the lights […]


Your Working Life – “Amplify Your Job Search”

Your Working Life, the podcast of the author and speaker Caroline Dowd-Higgins draws listeners from around the world.  Caroline’s own story of her career transformation led her to dedicate her career to helping other women transform their careers. I had the honor of being introduced to Caroline recently. In this episode of her podcast, we […]


Status Go – “Proactive Leadership” with Steve Johns

Status Go – Episode 86 2020 has been a year of chaos…to say the least. A global pandemic, rising racial tensions, economic devastation, and more. Leaders have been challenged unlike never before. Steve Johns is leading his organization through this quagmire. Steve is the CEO of OneCause, a fundraising platform for non-profits.  Steve takes us […]


Status Go – “Race in Tech | Culture Change with Dr. Natoshia Anderson

Status Go – Episode 84 In this episode of Status Go, we continue our series Race in Tech. In this series, our focus is on amplifying the voices of our black colleagues, learning how to create inclusive environments, and taking action against systemic racism in tech. My guest on this episode is Dr. Natoshia Anderson, […]


I played golf with my dad last week…

When my son Brad invited me to play golf last week little did I know my dad would be joining us. Yes, I played golf with my dad last week. It was a beautiful fall day, a little crisp when we started the round but warmed up quickly. Now some of you may be thinking, […]


Status Go – “Amplify Your Job Search” with Jeff Ton

The tables are turned once again and the host becomes the guest! Senior vice president of Marketing at InterVision, Alica Gaba, interviews me about my new book Amplify Your Job Search – Strategies for Finding Your Dream Job.  We cover a lot of ground in the conversation, including some specific strategies for IT professionals in […]


Status Go – “Race in Tech | Reducing Isolation” with Cynthia Billops

Status Go – Episode 82 Cynthia Billops is the director of programs for the organization /dev/color. /dev/color is an organization whose mission is to provide black software engineers the support they need to grow into industry leaders. Cynthia is passionate about that mission. Her passion comes through loud and clear as we talk about the […]


IT Visionaries – The Path to Becoming a CIO

Host Ian Faison and I have a great time philosophizing about the role of CIO…what it was and what it has become. In this episode of IT Visionaries, I share my own story of the moment that launched my career in IT, the purchase of a Commodore 64! As the conversation unfolds, we cover three […]


Moments to Momentum with Scott Abbott: Guest Jeff Ton

Moments to Momentum is the brand new podcast from Scott Abbott and Fabian Rodriquez. Part talk show, part podcast, Scott and Fabian have created a fun and entertaining format. The focus of the conversation is that moment in time that propelled you forward in your career. Our conversation covered a LOT of ground, including Batman […]