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A Journey Continues

Last month, as you may recall, I invited you along on a journey: a journey of discovery into some of my family history. I’ve learned a lot in one month..but have a lot more to learn. I’ve exchanged LinkedIn messages with LeRone Branch, the Eagle Scout turned Tax Accountant, who helped develop the memorial to […]


Leadership Q&A – Should I share my story?

Should I share my story? It’s a question I get asked often. It’s a question I used to ask myself. I was asked the question again a couple of weeks ago. I was on a Zoom coffee call when the question came, almost out of leftfield. Should I share my story? This time the question […]


How are you?

How are you? Don’t answer “I’m fine”. I’m being serious. How are you? You’ve been leading through some incredibly chaotic times! You’ve been taking care of your staff. You’ve been taking care of your family. You’ve been taking care of your friends. When was the last time you took a moment to check in on […]


A Journey

In the twelve years, I’ve been writing this blog I’ve taken you on many journeys. This time it’s different. This time I don’t know where we are going. Join me as I explore. Together, we will explore the past, and maybe, just maybe, there will be some lessons for us today and in the future […]


Status Go – “Transforming the Safety Industry” with Robin Fleming

Robin Fleming, CEO of Anvl, has the “distinct honor” of asking me the greatest question I have ever been asked while participating in a panel discussion. To know what that question was, you will have to listen to this episode. Of COURSE, there are more important reasons to listen to this episode.  Robin shares her […]


But what about the violence?

Last week’s Leadership Thought “I Have No Words” sparked a lot of email, texts and comments. Many of you, like me, are struggling to find the words, to know how to react to the unrest around us, and to know what actions to take. Many of the messages contained an explicit or implicit question: But, […]


Status Go – “Transforming the NCAA” with Judd Williams

Status Go – Episode 68 Judd Williams has one of the coolest jobs in all of Information Technology. He is the CIO for the NCAA. Not only does he get to talk tech, he gets to do it while talking about sports! Earlier this year, I sat down to talk with Judd about the journey […]