Status Go – Solving for the IT Skills Gap: Linda Calvin

Status go podcast #51Gather a group of CIOs or senior IT leaders together and invariably the conversation will turn to the challenge of attracting and retaining talent. Linda Calvin joined us for this episode. Linda is on the front lines of this battle. She is the VP of the School of Information Technology for Ivy Tech Community College. 

Linda brings a diverse background, including earning her Juris Doctor and performing a stint as a prosecutor, to bear on this problem. Solving problems, helping to solve the problem we all face: how do I find the talent we need to drive our organizations forward. 

Linda sits at the intersection of educators, employers, and tech companies. Having conversations across all those disciplines to ensure Ivy Tech’s curriculum can meet the needs of business today and tomorrow. 

An obvious – but oftentimes overlooked – approach to the skills gap is driving diversity in our organizations. This approach has to go beyond the metrics and focus on creating an inclusive environment. As Linda says, “it’s not about how you look, it is how you operate”.  Diversity fuels innovation. 

Linda’s challenge to all of us is to question the status quo. Review our job requirements. Does that role really need a four-year degree, or can it be filled by someone with a two-year degree from a community college or some who attended a coding academy in lieu of traditional education? Instead of saying “culture fit” is important, describe what you mean: collaborative, teamwork, energy. Don’t use cliches that will not resonate with everyone: “We are looking for someone who can come in and score a touchdown.” 

Take a listen to this thought-provoking episode! 

Status Go is the weekly podcast from InterVision. We provide actionable insights from technology leaders to technology leaders who want to break out of the status quo and lead their businesses into the new future. Listen to more of our episodes here:

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