Status Go – Episode 56

As 2020 dawned, Jared Nichols of The New Futurist and I sat down to discuss the future. The conversation was so insightful, we decided to sit down again and dive deeper. We also wanted to do a progress check as we reach the end of the first quarter – to challenge you to think about how you viewed the first quarter three months ago and how you view things today.  A lot has changed in those three months. 

You may recall from the first episode that we also talked about scenario development as a part of strategic foresight. In this conversation, Jared explains his three step process for spotting early signs of change. These episodes are guaranteed to change the way you think about the future! 

Status Go is the weekly podcast from InterVision. We provide actionable insights from technology leaders to technology leaders who want to break out of the status quo and lead their businesses into the new future. Listen to more of our episodes here:

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