Status Go – “Kari’s Law” with Otto Sanchez

Status Go - Kari's LawStatus Go – Episode 86

It is not often CIOs are faced with life or death decisions. However, decisions about something as benign as your phone system can have life-threatening impacts. In 2013, Kari Hunt was being attacked by her estranged husband. Her daughter tried to call 911 four times, not knowing she had to dial 9 to get an outside line at the hotel where they were staying. This led to federal legislation known as Kari’s Law requiring phone systems to be configured to eliminate the need to dial 9 before dialing 911. 

Whether you are a CIO, CEO, COO, or an employee, does the phone system you use at the office require dialing 9? Do you know for sure? You may be in violation of federal law and it may cost someone their life. 

Listen to this episode of Status Go with Otto Sanchez, director of professional services – collaboration at InterVision to learn the details of this requirement and Ray Baum’s Act which requires detailed location information to be embedded in your caller id record. Otto provides insights into this problem, what can be done to alleviate it, and what actions you should take today! 

Status Go is the weekly podcast from InterVision. We provide actionable insights from technology leaders to technology leaders who want to break out of the status quo and lead their businesses into the new future. Listen to more of our episodes here:

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