Leading IT with Strategic Vision

Are you tired of being treated like an afterthought? Discover the step-by-step methods to put your IT department front and center in the minds of senior management.

Are you a CIO or a Director of IT who struggles to make your voice heard? Does your company’s executive team leave you out of important meetings? Are your business ideas and opinions never taken seriously? Keynote speaker and IT visionary Jeff Ton spent 35 years helping companies build strategic technology plans and innovative practices. And now he’s here to share hard-won tactics that will have senior management hanging on your every word.

Amplify Your Value – Leading IT with Strategic Vision contains the framework you need to take your rightful place among the senior leadership ranks. You’ll learn simple strategies to cultivate a culture of support within your own team so you can better advocate on their behalf. Through Jeff Ton’s transformative methods, you and your department will transition from “the computer guys” to the heart of the business.

In Amplify Your Value, you’ll discover:

– Simple techniques to establish your involvement in every key business initiative  

– The step-by-step process to make positive transformational changes in your own department

– Methods to develop a strategic vision, increase your agility, and innovate from the top

– Tactics for identifying key projects that drive business value and getting stakeholders invested

– The core principles for managing your day-to-day work … and much, much more!

Amplify Your Value is a must-have reference for IT heads ready to take their leadership skills to the next level. If you like systematic action plans, innovative management, and real-world examples, then you’ll love Jeff Ton’s insightful guide.

Buy Amplify Your Value to step out from behind the computer screen and into the boardroom today!

What others are saying about Amplify Your Value: 

“The CIO’s role has never been more strategic. But succeeding in today’s agile and speed-is-value market demands more than the IT strategies of the past — it requires a strategic vision that will help you guide your organization during an exciting, but tumultuous journey to the future. This book is your playbook for creating and executing just this sort of vision from a CIO who’s done it — and has the accolades and battle scars to prove it. If you’re a CIO or senior IT leader, consider it required reading.”

“As a seasoned technology leader, Jeff shares his majestic career journey with authentic vulnerability.  It is refreshing to see such a thoughtful and strategic perspective for technology leaders to learn from.  The five business models framework maps tangible steps to take action right way!”

“Jeff tells a compelling story of being a CIO in the trenches – taking charge when opportunities present themselves, shoring up operations when required, and evolving strategies that drive business results. IT leaders will relate to his challenges and learn best practices from an experienced leader.”

“Jeff’s right. The CIO is best placed to lead strategically in the face of perpetual transformation. His own journey to a seat at the table won him many battle scars. He has used that experience to craft a must-read book for any CIO that wants to know how to lead IT with strategic vision from a seat at the executive table. It is a blueprint to shift from keeping the lights on to the kind of enterprise that not only avoids disruption but builds a strategic competence of innovation.”

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