In this episode, I joined host, Julie Kratz, to discuss diversity. In this series, Julie paired two leaders in back-to-back interviews. I was paired with Nicole Jansen of Leaders of Transformation and Discover the Edge

Diversity is a dialogue.  Those that are “non-diverse” and “diverse” need to have conversations together to close the gaps facing women in leadership today.  Both Nicole and I speak to the power of diversity beyond race and gender, defined rather in terms of experiences.

The Pivot Point podcast is for leaders looking to develop and retain top leaders through engaging women leaders and male allies in a dialogue to facilitate positive change, with proven techniques, stories, and strategies to promote gender equality. Find more of Julie’s episodes here:


A lunch conversation with Frank Leonard led to a great opportunity to sit down with Frank and Off the Circle host, Douglas Karr. We speak about the evolution of the IT industry, its products and services. Throughout the conversation, we explore the complex relationship IT departments have with the businesses to which they belong. We also talk about the Indy CIO Network, a professional network for CIOs and senior IT leaders in the Indianapolis area.

Off the Circle features Indy-based entrepreneurs and business-people, their experience and expertise. Have some laughs and learn along the way on this episode of Off the Circle. Your hosts are Douglas Karr and Ryan Grimes. We’re sharing motivating stories, newly discovered businesses, exceptional leaders, and other topics associated with the great city of Indianapolis. Find more of their episodes here:


On November 27, 2017, I joined Joe Patrice and Kathryn Rubino to talk about the future of legal technology. We had a great conversation on a wide range of technology topics of interest to law firms: ransomware, data disasters and, yes, even robot lawyers.


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