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I have no words – Sounds of Silence

I have no words. Perhaps a funny thing to say, coming from a writer. I have no words…I don’t know what to say. Even now I struggle to find the words. Our nation, in the midst of perhaps the biggest crisis in the last 100 years, certainly in the last 50, has exploded. When news […]


Status Go – “Using AI for Business Impact” with the Superwomen of AI

Status Go – Episode 67 I recently had the opportunity to interview a panel of amazing women who spend their days delivering AI, real world AI to their businesses and clients. These Superwomen of AI included:  Author, speaker and human capital advisor from USI, Lauren Grey Flanagan. Lauren is the author of 1001 Watts…and the […]


Status Go – “The CIO’s First 30 Days” with Andy Harper

Status Go – Episode 65 I’ve known Andy for a number of years and had countless conversations. This one was one of the best. In this episode we talk, not only of Andy’s first six weeks as CIO of a non-profit, but also, his decision to relocate from Indianapolis to Austin to take the position. […]


Is Culture a Place?

Is Culture tied to place or space?  It’s a question that I have asked myself many times over the last two months. The question was sparked during a virtual roundtable with a group of business leaders. Several of them expressed anxiously they could not wait to get back into the office, they couldn’t wait to […]


Work Minus – IT departments need a big update – May 3, 2020

Host Neil Miller and I go deep on why IT departments can no longer be known as the department of “No”.  Technology is now at the center of most businesses. In face, very few industries can survive without technology. IT leaders must be seeking ways to drive the business forward, create new revenue streams, interact […]


Status Go – “Upleveling Team Development” with Rachel Pritz

Status Go – Episode 64 Nurse to health care informatics to life coach and enneagram guide, our guest in this episode, Rachel Pritz, has taken an unusual path. The meat of this episode is about the enneagram, what it is, what it does, and what it means for your leadership, however we do spend time […]


Status Go – “The CIO’s First 30 Days” with Warren Lenard

Status Go – Episode 63 The CIO’s first 30 days. It can be a pivotal point in our success. You walk in the door with your 90-100 day plan, ready, set, go! As our guest, Warren Lenard says, “it is at the same time a cliche…and table stakes.” Warren, the CIO of Byrider, provides some […]


These times they are a changin’

With credit to Bob Dylan for a great lyric, these times certainly are changing. In the last 100 days or so, we have all experienced tremendous change, change in the way we work (and in a lot of cases this change meant a loss of work) and change in the way we live. As our […]