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Good Boss, Bad Boss…

The question of a good or bad boss started with a phone call from a business colleague, who also happens to be a reader of this newsletter. I had just hosted a podcast titled “Powerful Lessons from Bad Bosses” in which I interviewed John Rouda. In the episode, we traded some war stories about some […]


Rev. Dr. L. Eugene Ton

This eulogy was delivered at First Baptist Church on January 11, 2020, and at Hoosier Village Chapel on January 13, 2020, in honor of my daddy, coach, dad, popper, pop, Gene Ton. If you are interested in watching a video of the entire service, you can find it here: L. Eugene Ton. (Note: the first […]


Status Go – Leading IT through Transformation: Ron West

Episode 1! We at InterVision are excited to be launching our podcast, Status Go! I am honored to be one of the primary hosts of Status Go. In this initial episode, I get a chance to reconnect with a former boss, a mentor and a friend, Ron West. Ron is now and executive coach and […]


A Geek Leader – How to Amplify Your Value – April 5, 2019

A great conversation with host, John Rouda! Together we geeked out on technology leadership, Commodore 64s, rock and roll, Lewis and Clark and a whole lot more! On A Geek Leader, John Rouda talks to leaders in all types of arenas as a way to inspire and grow IT Leaders where ever he can. He […]


C-Level Chats – Preventing Disaster And More – September 8 2018

As part of DoubleHorn’s C-Level Chats, I sit down to discuss preventing disasters and the misconceptions behind data security. Double Horn is an independent, unbiased cloud services brokerage company based in Austin, TX delivering public cloud infrastructure solutions. In their C-Level Chat series the discuss business strategy and thought leadership, guiding through C-suite executive experiences.


Pivot Point – Diverse Perspectives as Leaders – September 11, 2018

In this episode, I joined host, Julie Kratz, to discuss diversity. In this series, Julie paired two leaders in back-to-back interviews. I was paired with Nicole Jansen of Leaders of Transformation and Discover the Edge Diversity is a dialogue.  Those that are “non-diverse” and “diverse” need to have conversations together to close the gaps facing […]


Off the Circle – How IT Leadership has Evolved – September 10, 2018

A lunch conversation with Frank Leonard led to a great opportunity to sit down with Frank and Off the Circle host, Douglas Karr. We speak about the evolution of the IT industry, its products and services. Throughout the conversation, we explore the complex relationship IT departments have with the businesses to which they belong. We […]