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The Network Effect

The Network Effect is commonly applied to business and economics to describe the effect on the value of a product or service by adding more users of the product or service. There are great examples of the network effect all around us. Think of the value of Facebook or LinkedIn if only a handful of […]


T Minus 12 Hours…and NO network!

New store openings in retail are a big deal (hello, Mr. Obvious)! Let me restate, new store openings in retail are a VERY big deal! I don’t know if we have ever had to delay a store opening in our history, I certainly know it has never happened during my tenure. So when we were […]


Status Go – Transforming Your Professional Network: Amy Waninger

In Episode 23 of InterVision’s Status Go podcast, I interview Amy Waninger, Founder & CEO of Lead at Any Level, as she discusses the most effective ways to develop and leverage our professional networks. Amy takes us through an exercise highlighting areas where we can strengthen our network and ways to be more intentional about who […]


A Network of Support for the White River

  Our Team of Volunteers After a nervous week of playing amateur weatherman and watching the water levels of the river, the River Gods smiled upon us and the clean up of the White River my company, Confluence Dynamics, was sponsoring proceeded as planned. The day dawned with overcast skies, but no rain in sight. […]


Breaking Up is Hard to Do!

Now, before you jump to any conclusions and think I am breaking up with my wife, Carmen, or worse yet, that I have become a Neil Sedaka fan, let me assure you neither of those horrific things is true! Over the last several months, I have been struggling with the decision to leave a job […]


When Tech and Politics Collide

When Tech and Politics Collide…and Why YOU Should Care   Let me get this out right now. This is not a political post. If you are an “R”, I am not going to try to move you left. If you are a “D”, I am not going to try to move you right. However, if […]


Musings on 4,000 connections

I surpassed a milestone of sorts last month. When one Russell Bush reached out to me on LinkedIn requesting a connection, he became my 4,000th connection. FOUR THOUSAND! There was no balloon drop, no marching band, nothing to mark the occasion, only another cup of Starbucks coffee when me met up a couple weeks later (I […]


Off the Circle – How IT Leadership has Evolved – September 10, 2018

A lunch conversation with Frank Leonard led to a great opportunity to sit down with Frank and Off the Circle host, Douglas Karr. We speak about the evolution of the IT industry, its products and services. Throughout the conversation, we explore the complex relationship IT departments have with the businesses to which they belong. We […]