Rivers of Thought - Speaking

Engaging Keynotes

The Changing Role of the CIO
In the age of digital transformation and digital disruption, the CIO is being called upon to be much more of a business leader than just a trustee of the company’s technology assets. Together we will explore the skills and knowledge the CIO of the future will need to be successful and to drive change within their organizations. 

Amplify Your Value
Are you an IT leader who struggles to make your voice heard? Does your company’s executive team leave you out of important meetings? Are your business ideas and opinions never taken seriously? Speaker and IT visionary Jeff Ton spent 35 years helping companies build strategic technology plans and innovative practices. Learn and be inspired by some unique approaches to solve the common problems of communicating to the C-suite, managing your project portfolio, and managing your vendors.

Everything I learned about leadership…I learned from Lewis and Clark
Using the Lewis and Clark Expedition as a backdrop, we explore 10 traits of leader. The captains were both good and bad examples, the lessons hold true today in business.

Educational Workshops

How to Create a Vision for your Team/Department
In this workshop, we will explore how to guide your team in creating a vision and how to gain buy in of the vision within your department and how to communicate the vision to the organization.

Guiding Principles to Build Your Department
Description: Workshop to define a set of guiding principles for an IT department. And how to use those principles to manage the day-to-day.

The AC/CF Scorecard
Project Portfolio Management, with a twist. Using the AC/CF concept, we will review project portfolios and determine plans of action for the CF projects.

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
Workshop to unlock creativity as an approach to problem solving. We will explore the elements of creative tension, comfort zones, unique perspectives and systems thinking.

The Path to CIO: A Workshop for High Potential Leaders
Workshop to understand your leadership qualities, gaps needing to be addresses and team building. We weave in expert advice from those who have been there…CIOs from around the globe.