Strategies for Finding Your Dream Job

Amplify Your Job Search - Book Excellence Award Finalist

How do you approach a job search? What strategies work best? Discover step-by-step methods to success from one of the leading voices in business.

Searching for your next job can be difficult for even the most accomplished professional. When it comes to finding your dream job, old strategies, and tactics no longer work. Whether you’re currently in transition and seeking employment or you are currently working and have decided it is time for a new challenge, this book delves into the strategies of success for landing your most sought-after role.

Amplify Your Job Search: Strategies for Finding Your Dream Job is a guidebook that teaches you a laser-focused, data-driven approach and provides you with the tools to achieve the following outcomes:

– Identify your strengths, values, passions and purpose

– Develop your personal brand and use it to your advantage

– Build a powerful and diverse professional network

– Write a resume that reflects your greatest attributes

– Develop strategies to articulate your dream job

– Use a data-driven approach to find that dream job

– Evaluate offers and secure your new position

Gain the tools, information, and confidence you need to succeed—all in the pages of this book!

What others are saying about Amplify Your Job Search: 

A perfect recipe to elevate your career.

“If you want to learn how to boost your career, this book
is for you. This book presents well-established concepts to
differentiate yourself from the crowded workforce market. It
is equipped with all needed information that is required not
only for a better career but also for a successful one.”

A must-read primer.

“Jeffrey S. Ton has written a must-read primer for anyone
engaged in a job transition or contemplating a new job
search…Read this book—and learn from one of the best.”

Networking works!

“Working in the information technology industry for over
thirty years, I have found different points in my life where it
was necessary to seek new employment, whether this transition
meant promotion, travel, work/life balance, or being let
go by a previous employer. The one constant in finding new
opportunities was my method of finding it. Many consider
the typical avenues: job search engines, headhunters/recruiters,
personal contacts, business social forums, and formal
networks. Personally, every opportunity I have found has
been through networking. There are personal contacts, networking
forums such as LinkedIn, or the source of my latest
position, the Indy CIO Network. To put this in perspective,
I accepted a position several years ago entailing frequent
travel, which diverted my attention away from local networking.
When the time came to eye local employment, it
consumed roughly three months. After working locally for a
few years, using the networking techniques found in Amplify
Your Job Search, I rebuilt my local network, enabling me to
locate a perfect match in only three weeks.”

Top ten lists landed my dream job!

“Jeff advised me to create a list of criteria using the Amplify
Your Job Search Top Ten Lists described in his book and use
them to compare potential employers during my recent job
search. This exercise helped me better understand what a
dream job was for me and gave me confidence to wait for the
right fit. I’m happy to say it worked, and I start an amazing
new position next week!”

Crank up your volume.

“Jeff’s new book Amplify Your Job Search: Strategies for
Finding Your Dream Job speaks to cranking up the volume
of your job search. You will put new tools in your tool belt
to help you by defining your dream job, building a strong
professional network, and identifying employers who have
your dream job waiting! Jeff has spoken to Passport to Employment
in Indianapolis (a job seekers’ networking group)
on numerous occasions and is always well received leaving
nuggets behind that make a difference.”

Tackle the hurdles and roadblocks.

“In Amplify Your Job Search: Strategies for Finding Your
Dream Job, author Jeff Ton takes the reader on a journey and
reveals a framework to find, not just a job, but the job. Using
a series of tools he calls Amplifiers, Ton guides the reader
each step of the way. Finding a job is hard work. However,
Jeff’s casual and conversational tone helps the reader face
the hurdles and roadblocks. This is a must-read for anyone
seeking their dream job!”

The urgency of professional networking.

“In his book Amplify Your Job Search, Jeff highlights the
urgency of professional networking not only to your job
search but to your career. As he points out, while you are in
transition, joining a job seekers group can provide guidance
and support to you while you conduct your search. Jeff has
presented these concepts to TNG, a job seekers networking
group and helped their members find their dream jobs. With
this book, many others will find strategies to guide them in
their search.”

Passion for people.

“Jeff’s passion for people shines as he presents his experience
and wisdom in an approachable and friendly manner. Even if
you are not looking to change jobs, his insights are valuable,
and his practical guidance can genuinely help you amplify
who you are.”

Sound, practical advice.

“Based on real-life experiences together with sound, practical
advice, Jeff’s book is a great guide to finding your next
job. And not just any job, but your dream job. So often, job
seekers don’t take the time to reflect, self-assess, and really
dive into what they want and need in a job. Jeff walks the
reader through all the steps they need to take to manage
their career successfully. He discusses the emotional rollercoaster
of job searching and provides a structure to help
make the whole process more manageable. Whether you’re
looking for another job by choice or necessity, Amplify Your
Job Search will be a useful guide for you.”

The good of talent acquisition.

“In Amplify Your Job Search, Jeff shares his knowledge and
expertise. The book provides a very thorough path for the
reader to follow. My 20+ years of experience are from both
sides of the career negotiating table. I know the good, the
bad, and the ugly of talent acquisition. I speak as a candidate,
advisory recruiter, career exploration, and job search strategy
coach. Readers should not have any concerns finding
their dream job after reading this book.”

Jeff Ton has successfully done it again!

“Amplify Your Job Search by Jeff Ton, who also authored the
book Amplify Your Value, has successfully done it again! It
is such an easy read, and it walks you through a journey of
how to find your next opportunity. While your next position
might not be your dream job, the techniques Ton offers,
along with specific guidelines and strategies, may get you
really close! You will understand how to effectively use your
social network, establish warm introductions from your network,
and how to effectively journal as a means to becoming
that much more successful in landing your next opportunity
and so much more! Ton can relate to those who have
lost their job, those who were a part of a reduction in force,
those who search for other opportunities while working…
the list goes on. He will teach you that you are not alone and
show you how he can relate to the different situations you
may be in. You will be able to go all the way back to when
you graduated high school and remember what your summer
job was, if you had a summer job. You will be able to
journey back to all of the organizations with which you were
affiliated, including the military and college. The learning
opportunity here is to recall all of the above and include
the details in your Accomplishment Amplifier. What is an
Accomplishment Amplifier? You will find that out and more
while reading Amplify Your Job Search. If you are looking to
level up your career, if you are in the middle of a job search,
or if you are currently working and need another challenge, I
highly recommend Amplify Your Job Search in order to land
that next best opportunity.”

Understand where you have been.

“There are two ways to go about the search for your next job:
taking a shotgun approach and taking the time to evaluate
where you have been and what you have accomplished,
then building a detailed plan that will be laser-focused on
making a move. Ton applies best practices developed over a
decades-long career of success. Told in a conversational style
designed to help you get to your best role, following his advice
will not only help you land your next job, it will set you
up on a track to build your career over the long-haul. And
the chapter on networking makes the book worth buying on
its own!”

“In Amplify your Job Search, Jeff has laid out an excellent
strategy and step by step approach on how to self-identify
what you really want in your next position and how to
showcase the real value you will bring to your next company
by creating pointed profiles, resumes and brand to express it
correctly. However, The real power of this book is in the step
by step plan of marketing yourself and proactively targeting
the market and the specific companies that have the types
of opportunities you are interested in. If you are seeking a
new opportunity, this is a must read on how to understand
exactly what you want, how to express what you really offer
along with a strong proactive plan to successfully identify
and land your next dream job.”

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