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Speaker, you get. Author makes sense. But why Explorer, why not Coach?

One of my favorite slogans is “For those who make maps, not follow them”. THAT is what we will do…together. Your career, like a journey, presents the unexpected. How you respond to the unexpected depends on many things: your preparation, your curiosity, your goals, and your objectives. I prefer to challenge the status quo and explore the possibilities. Together we will map out your journey and identify several waypoints to gauge your progress toward your goals. You will see an immediate impact on your career through tools and insights from the first session and on.

Jeff Ton - ExplorerYou could go it alone, but wouldn’t you rather have a guide, someone who’s been there, someone who’s been in your chair, a third-party who can give you an unbiased view from outside your organization? Having unbiased input from someone who is not focused on the day-to-day results, but rather on your personal and professional growth and development is critical. I’ve worked with hundreds of technology professionals from service desk technicians to senior engineers, and executive leaders from a variety of industries, such as legal, insurance, non-profit, construction, and tech. 

Is now the time you invest in your career or will you continue to wander? Reach out and let’s chat. Spots are limited, register for your free, no-obligation, initial consultation today and we will start your Journey Checklist!

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