Why Explorer

Jeff Ton - ExplorerNo, you will not find me scaling Mount Everest or even Kilimanjaro. You won’t find me guiding an expedition through the jungles of South America. You won’t find me taking a kayak through Class V rapids. So, why explorer?

Jeff Ton - ExplorerI believe life is a journey, our careers are journeys, any project we undertake is a journey. We know (or think we know) the destination. We may even know the general route to take to arrive at the destination. There are two ways get to our destination. We could take the Interstate or we could take the backroads. I prefer to explore the backroads.

Business, like a journey, presents us with the unexpected. How we respond to the unexpected depends on many things: our preparation, our curiosity, our goals and objectives. I prefer to challenge the status quo and explore the possibilities.

In addition to being an IT geek, I am also a history geek. I love the stories from the Lewis and Clark Expedition. I find their success fascinating. There is much to explore in their three year odyssey. I believe there are many lessons of leadership that can be applied to business today. I am not drawing a map for you to follow. There is no map for where we are going. We were blazing trails. What I want to do is to teach you cartography—the art of drawing your own map. I prefer to explore and draw my own map.

Jeff Ton - ExplorerJeff Ton - ExplorerI am also a river rat. There are few places I would rather be than in a canoe out a river. I love the romance of it – the lines of the canoe as it slips through the water. I love the challenge of it – becoming one with the water. I love the peacefulness of it – shutting off the rat race of the city. Canoeing can teach us a lot about navigating life and navigating business. I prefer to look beneath the surface.

I invite you on this journey of exploration, always moving toward our destination, but open to adjusting our course or investigating the unexpected.

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