Indy CIO Network

In July 2011 a group of four other CIOs and I met for lunch. We had a great time “talking shop”, comparing challenges, discussing solutions. We took so much value from the dialogue, we decided to meet again the following month. From that auspicious beginning, we formed the Indy CIO Network, an informal network of CIOs and senior IT leaders from around Central Indiana.

We gather each month for lunch on the 2nd Wednesday from 11:30 to 1 PM at Dawson’s on Main, in Speedway on the west side of Indianapolis. Just like the original lunch, these lunches feature informal dialogue around a central topic. No PowerPoint – just discussion. In fact, there is very little structure (I think that’s what makes them work). We typically have 20 – 30 in attendance. I send a reminder email about a week before with a call for topics, if no one suggests a topic, I pick one (hey, there have to be some perks to this job).

Indy CIO Network

In addition to the monthly lunches, we have periodic dinner events. These are vendor sponsored and include networking (euphemism for cocktails), dinner and a presentation. The presentations are focused on educating the CIO and senior IT leader on a topic in which the vendor has expertise (read: not a sales pitch).

Now, as for the application process. It’s pretty arduous. 1) you read this page 2) you tell me you want in. Assuming you meet the membership criteria: CIO, former CIO, senior IT leader (top IT person at your firm), or in transition from one of those…I add you to the email list group. Boom! You are in.

The cost is pretty steep. You have to pay for your own lunch once a month. The dinners are free since they are sponsored.

So, you just need to let me know if you are in! Send an email to Jeff@IndyC.IO introducing yourself and include a link to your LinkedIn profile as well as the email address you would like added to our distribution list.

Take care and I look forward to meeting you face-to-face.

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