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Driving Your Digital Strategy

In Episode 2 of InterVision’s Status Go podcast, Isaac Sacolick – founder and president of StarCIO – and I discuss digital strategy. We’ve all heard the phrase  “Every company is a tech company,” many times.  To the extent that every company must be leveraging technology for relevancy and competitive advantage, this is true.  From an efficiency and impact standpoint any innovative approach must align directly with the overall organizational goals.

Whether you are looking for the right approach to AI implementation, considering agile mentality as an angle for better business and IT alignment, utilizing data for optimal business impact, or working on product management process and strategy, this episode has something for you.

Status Go is the weekly podcast from InterVision. We provide actionable insights from technology leaders to technology leaders who want to break out of the status quo and lead their businesses into the new future. Listen to more of our episodes here: https://www.intervision.com/statusgo-podcasts/

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