Talking Cloud Episode 28I had a great time talking cloud with host Grant Asplund of #TalkingCloud. We touch on a lot of aspects of a cloud journey from the perspective of the CIO, including the impacts on the CIO’s staff and how they must help to prepare them for the journey. We also discuss my latest book, Amplify Your Job Search, and why having a plan in this employment environment is crucial!

Grant is an amazing host, bringing a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the topics. He has a knack for putting his guests immediately feel at ease. I recommend adding this podcast to your playlist! Grant, from one product evangelist to another, THANK YOU!


On this episode of the CXO Underground, I had the pleasure of chatting with hosts Joe Topinka and Mike Charobee about IT leadership and strategy. We took a trip in the way-back machine and talked about our early days in IT including geeking out on punch cards, Fortran, and Commodore 64s. During the conversation, Joe and I learned we were brothers from another mother sharing many of the same philosophies on technology and leadership, as well as some common roots in the midwest.

I highly recommend adding this podcast to your subscriptions! Each episode is full of actionable insights!


Host Tim Hughes and I have a great time chatting about my book, Amplify Your Job Search. In this conversation, we dive into journaling and its importance to your job search,  personal brand and why you need to manage your brand, and finally, the key to unlocking your next job, your professional network. We also talk about the sales funnel and why you need to understand the funnel to land your next job. Oh, and of course, we talk a wee bit about Lewis and Clark!


Tim is a great host and author. I encourage to watch more episodes of #TimTalk!


IT Career EnergizerTo energize your career in IT you must do two things. First, those skills we used to call soft skills are actually essential skills. You must work to master them! Second, marry your career with your passion! Work for a company, work in an industry, that fuels your passion!

On the podcast, IT Career Energizer, host Phil Burgess and I dig into those two truths and much more. We discuss my worst career moment and my best, the best and worst advice I’ve ever received, and what gets me excited about today’s tech landscape.

Best Pandemic Ever - Virtual InsightsHosts Jared Nichols and Paul Toolan have created an irreverent, hysterically funny, and very insightful podcast about life in 2020, life in dealing with the pandemic. The Best Pandemic Ever looks at life beyond what you may be seeing in the media. They talk to real people about their real experiences, away from the lights and the cameras.

In this episode, our focus is supposed to be on technology. But, as you will hear, we cover non-technology topics like being a grandparent, the return of wildlife, and Sasquatch. Tired of being tied to Zoom calls all day? Take a break and give this a listen!

Ton - Your Working LifeYour Working Life, the podcast of the author and speaker Caroline Dowd-Higgins draws listeners from around the world.  Caroline’s own story of her career transformation led her to dedicate her career to helping other women transform their careers. I had the honor of being introduced to Caroline recently. In this episode of her podcast, we sit down to discuss my book Amplify Your Job Search.  Together, we dive into strategies that can guide professionals in their search.


Amplify Your Job SearchThe tables are turned once again and the host becomes the guest! Senior vice president of Marketing at InterVision, Alica Gaba, interviews me about my new book Amplify Your Job Search – Strategies for Finding Your Dream Job.  We cover a lot of ground in the conversation, including some specific strategies for IT professionals in this aftermath of COVID related layoffs.

We get personal, as I share my own story of transition and dig into the mental and emotional side of being in transition. I also share a few thoughts on what NOT to do in a job search!




IT Visionaries

Host Ian Faison and I have a great time philosophizing about the role of CIO…what it was and what it has become. In this episode of IT Visionaries, I share my own story of the moment that launched my career in IT, the purchase of a Commodore 64!

As the conversation unfolds, we cover three of the keys to success for the CIO of today: embed yourself in the business; diversify your talent; and, have a plan, but be open and flexible to change!



Moments to MomentumMoments to Momentum is the brand new podcast from Scott Abbott and Fabian Rodriquez. Part talk show, part podcast, Scott and Fabian have created a fun and entertaining format. The focus of the conversation is that moment in time that propelled you forward in your career.

Our conversation covered a LOT of ground, including Batman (old school Batman, as my grandson calls the 1960’s TV show with Adam West and Burt Ward), my crush on Jennifer Aniston, hip-hop music and my alter ego Papa Real, and, of course, my moment…the moment that changed my life and changed my career. Hey, you have to listen to the show to know the moment!

#AmplifyYourLeadership Lewis & ClarkIt’s not often I get to speak to someone who is equally passionate about Lewis and Clark as I am. I was thrilled to be a guest on The Good Life podcast to talk about the leadership lessons that can be gleaned from the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Host, Sean Murray, and I dig into the expedition in Part I of this two-part interview. Having authored a microbook titled Everything I Learned About Leadership…I Learned from Lewis and Clark and numerous blog posts, I enjoyed the conversation with Sean.

In Part I, we talk about vision, team building, accountability, and diversity as we trace the footsteps of Lewis and Clark on the first part of their epic journey. If you missed it, here is the link!

In Part II, we discuss developing resilience in yourself and your team, overcoming obstacles, and how to make a decision when your team disagrees! Check out this installment of Lewis and Clark!