Jeff Ton - Author - AMPLIFY YOUR VALUEAmplify Your Value – Leading IT with Strategic Vision 

Are you a CIO or a Director of IT who struggles to make your voice heard? Does your company’s executive team leave you out of important meetings? Are your business ideas and opinions never taken seriously? Keynote speaker and IT visionary Jeff Ton spent 35 years helping companies build strategic technology plans and innovative practices. And now he’s here to share hard-won tactics that will have senior management hanging on your every word.

Amplify Your Job Search - Book Excellence Award FinalistAmplify Your Job Search – Strategies for Finding Your Dream Job

2021 Book Excellence Award Finalist

Searching for your next job can be difficult for even then most accomplished professional. When it comes to finding your dream job, old strategies, and tactics no longer work. Whether you’re currently in transition and seeking employment or you are currently working and have decided it is time for a new challenge, this book delves into the strategies of success for landing your most sought-after role.


Amplify Your Job Search – Transition Journal

Keeping a journal of your transition journey is a fundamental concept for finding your dream job. Amplify Your Job Search – Transition Journal is designed to be a companion book to Amplify Your Job Search – Strategies for Finding Your Dream Job. Writing in a journal is a key element to the Amplify Your Job Search Framework described in that book. This journal provides you with 182 lined pages to document your transition journey.


Amplify My Job Search – A Workbook Companion to Amplify Your Job Search Strategies for Finding Your Dream Job

You’ve read Amplify Your Job Search and know your dream job is out there. Amplify My Job Search provides additional exercises and new Amplifiers to help you focus, gain clarity, and navigate your job search. 

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