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Welcome to the World

As faithful readers know, my father recently passed away. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but in one final breath, I became the patriarch of the Ton family (going back at least four generations). It is now my responsibility to pass on the stories, to pass on the traditions, to respect the past […]


Status Go – “Transforming the Parking Experience” with Matt Belanger

Status Go – Episode 54 Parking – not an industry that screams digital. In Episode 54, Matt Belanger, the senior vice president of Service Delivery for Denison Parking teaches me a thing or two about preconceived notions and how wrong they can be! In this hyper-connected world the technology “behind the scenes” will surprise you.  […]


Status Go – “A New Approach to Agile” with Chris Daily

In this episode, I have the chance to sit down with Chris Daily, the managing director of BeLithe. Chris and his team take a holistic approach to teaching organizations about Agile development, project management and modern leadership.  Throughout our conversation, Chris highlights their people-first approach. Implementing Agile is all about change. They assess the team […]


Paint Your Vision

Employee Engagement = Vision It’s a topic that continually comes up in conversation with business leaders. How do I get my employees engaged? How do I keep them engaged? It’s all about vision. Most people want to be a part of something larger than themselves.  In my video post on LinkedIn last week, I posed the […]


The Power of Pause

Time To Pause? Here we are. February Groundhog’s Day Valentines Day Super Bowl. Also the month of yours truly’s birthday my youngest son’s birthday my mother-in-law’s birthday AND we are expecting a new grandson any day now and it promises to be another crazy month.  [should I leave myself a second to catch a breath […]


Status Go – Solving for the IT Skills Gap: Linda Calvin

Gather a group of CIOs or senior IT leaders together and invariably the conversation will turn to the challenge of attracting and retaining talent. Linda Calvin joined us for this episode. Linda is on the front lines of this battle. She is the VP of the School of Information Technology for Ivy Tech Community College.  […]


Status Go – Lead with Boldness: Michael Smith

In this episode, I sit down with Michael Smith, CIO of the American Association of Family Physicians, headquartered in Kansas City. Michael and his team are nearing the end of a three-year transformation journey, moving from a traditional on-premises model to a hybrid cloud architecture.  Michael spent much of his career in the world of […]


Status Go – Creating the Future: Jared Nichols

In Episode 48 of InterVision’s Status Go podcast, we discuss how to proactively move in the direction of our goals. Jared Nichols, The New Futurist, talks about how to “be an active participant rather than a passive recipient” of your own future and that of your organization and how to build agency over the outcome.  […]


A Story Across Generations

The story it could tell “Once upon a time then [sic] was Braxton then he save [sic] his mom from the tower and they were happy ever after the end.” The typewriter in my office was manufactured in 1927. It belonged to my mother’s mother and was purchased in the middle of the Great Depression […]