Status Go – “ITDR During a Natural Disaster” with Melvin Velazquez Feliciano

Status Go – Episode 76

Avid followers of my posts may recognize my guest’s name from a Leadership Spotlight I wrote a couple of months ago. Melvin Velazques Feliciano is a hero in my book. When many of us would be fleeing disaster Melvin heads into them. No, he is not a medic or a doctor. He is an IT professional. Melvin heads into disasters to help restore a vital service: communication. As he loves to say, “Without communication, there is no coordination!” In other words, without communication and computer systems relief efforts cannot be coordinated. 

I am honored to count Melvin among my friends. He and others on the island of Puerto Rico face danger yet look for ways to help! I encourage you to listen to this episode. It WILL inspire you!  

Status Go is the weekly podcast from InterVision. We provide actionable insights from technology leaders to technology leaders who want to break out of the status quo and lead their businesses into the new future. Listen to more of our episodes here:

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